Captain Sharif.

48X52' - 5 Seasons / Original title: Cherif


“THERE’S A NEW SHARIF IN TOWN!” IS DESTINY IN A NAME? It would seem so for Kader Sharif, who, like the sheriff in an old western, dreamed of serving his country in the National Police Force since childhood. Son of North African immigrants from a tough suburb of Lyon, this cop TV show fanatic’s dream came true: he solves crime with his own methods, like his TV heroes.

Sharif knows the streets, and has that mix of instinct and psychology. He is humorous, charming and an “out the box” thinker. His collaborator is everything he is not: a highly organized, by the books, professional female: Captain Adeline Briard.

Sharif is apparently the opposite of Captain Briard, but her natural complement as well. Sparks will fly as they fight crime and as they get to know each other.


Production Company : Makingprod
French Broadcaster : France 2
Producer: Stéphane Drouet
Starring: Abdelhafid METALSI, Carole BIANIC, Mélèze BOUZID, Elodie HESME, François BURELOUP, Clémence THIOLY, Greg GERMAIN, Vincent PRIMAULT
Created by: Lionel OLENGA, Laurent SCALESE, and Stéphane DROUET


Best Actor in a French series for Abdelhafid Metalsi – Festival Séries Mania 2013

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