The sovereign Greek island of Ithaca, 8th century B.C.The Trojan War has been over for ten years, and the Greeks have come home victorious. Only one man is missing: the king of Ithaca, Ulysses, who is lost at sea. The island’s economy is getting worse by the day as the region’s many princes have invaded the kingdom, devouring its resources, and pressuring Queen Penelope to choose a new husband. To delay her suitors, she promises to choose once she’s finished weaving King Laertes’ burial shroud. But she undoes her work every night. Ulysses’ son Telemachus doesn’t dare lay claim to his father’s throne. His only dream is to sail out to rescue Ulysses.Through the stories of these four principals – Telemachus, Penelope, Clea and Leocrites – The Odyssey brings a new twist to Greek mythology’s greatest story and reveals its darkest secrets. 


Production Company :


French Broadcaster :


Producer :

Stéphane DROUET, Jean-Pierre GUERIN, Matthieu VIALA 

Starring :

Caterina MURINO, Niels SCHNEIDER, Alessio BONI, Karine TESTA, Joseph MALERBA, Bruno TODESCHINI, Carlo BRANDT, Frédéric QUIRING, Amr WAKED, Ugo VENEL, Julie GAYET

Réalisation :

 Stéphane GIUSTI 

Created by :

Frédéric AZEMAR 


Official Competition - Festival Séries Mania 2013 


“La série réalisée par Stéphane Giusti n’a pas à rougir et peut même s’enorgueillir d’avoir su aussi bien relever ce défi d’adapter le mythe » Le Parisien 13.06.2013

« Deux bons épisodes violents et riches en rebondissements » « Ces épisodes forts ne laissent pas l’ennui s’installer » TV Grandes Chaînes 22.06.2013 

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